Festival Line-up
Here are the instructors for this year's festival:

Alejandro Rey

Ataca y Alemana

Ava Apple (SF)

Ava Apple, a San Francisco native, has been dancing professionally since her teens.
She has performed & taught throughout the USA, Hong Kong, Italy, and The Netherlands, and has received awards for her contribution to the world of Salsa & Latin Dance at the 2002 West Coast Salsa Congress, the 2003 SF Salsa Congress, and the 2003 Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts 25th Anniversary celebration.
Ava has won titles in Hustle, Salsa, and Theater Arts, and together with her partner Rodolfo Guzman, now owns Symbolic Dance & Fitness in San Francisco, Ca., and directs The Latin Symbolics, and Yamulee Project SF dance teams. Many well known dancers got their start in Ava’s classes and on her dance teams, including brother & sister duo Junior & Emily Alabi, Alex Lee & Chi Le, and Jhon Narvaez & Liz Rojas, to name just a few….

Bryon and Sammantha (SF)

Camille Yannantuono (Switzerland)

Corey Raynor (SF)

Corey Raynor is a longtime dancer with years of experience performing with world-class salsa dance companies such as Salsamania and Beyond Dreamz. In addition to his salsa dancing experience, Corey has also trained and competed in ballroom dancing, with numerous titles under his belt.

Following the first San Francisco International Bachata Festival, Corey started his own dance company called “Bachata Y Mas” along with his longtime partner and co-director, Mireille Ruiz. Together the two teach bachata lessons around the Bay Area, and also instruct a performance bachata team. In addition to bachata, Corey also teaches salsa at locations such as the Matrix and Taste Fridays in San Francisco.

DJ El Guapo (SF)

DJ Super Chino (SF)

DJVince (LA)

Emelie Andagan (SAC)

Gabi Pineda (Fresno)

The best kept secret in the California valley for many years now is Gabi Pineda on salsa and bachata classes. He has a versatile style of Latin dancing. He has taught in Seattle, Reno, Las Vegas, London, Latvia, Mexico and other dance festivals in the world. New York Style On2 and Bachata is his expertise and had been teaching workshops all over the country. Recently, he has been featured teaching bachata dance on TV.

Helen Vasquez (SF)

Helen Vazquez began her dance career back in 2011 when she was planning her Quinceanera. During her high school years, she was able to open a dance studio in Fremont where she currently teaches all styles of dance with a special focus on choreographing for Quinces, Weddings, and local dance teams.
Soon after, she began to compete and won 1st place Amateur Couple Salsa On1 at the WLDC 2013 which sparked her passion to pursue the love of dance.
Fast forward 5 years later, she is now the director of her own 3 dance teams which perform at festivals and dance events all over the states. Hermosura Dance Productions is on their first season but plans to have a competition team soon! She continues to compete at any opportunity given and has new professional projects in progress for this year.

Jahaira & Angelica - Lak´ech Dance Academy (SF)

Jennifer Benavidez (UK)

Jo Quinones (LA)

Joe Gabel (SF)

John & Liz Salsamania (SF)

John & Shiloh (Los Angeles)

John Manego & Shiloh Cardenas are fusion-instructors and pioneers of a style called "Zoukchata”. Based out in Los Angeles, they have single-handedly influenced and changed the scene in a positive-open way. Their main focuses are: musicality, connection and an open-mind. With an extensive background in Bachata and Zouk, and also in Salsa, Hip Hop, Ballet, Ballroom and Jazz, they take their style to a very unique/technical level.
They have inspired thousands of dancers to go out of their comfort zone and look at dance through different lenses. Dance isn't just a job for them -- it's a lifestyle focusing on personal growth, development and the betterment of others.
They are regular instructors at Los Angeles Bachata Festival (have taught at many others), currently have 3 dance teams, teach at the popular nightclub Sevilla weekly, and run their social called "Zoukchata Uprizing" -- which has 5 rooms - Bachata, Zouk, Salsa, Kizomba, Hip Hop - and attended by over 300+ dancers!

Jorge Elizondo )Texas)

Juan Ruiz

Kathy Reyes (LA)

Luis Aguilar (SF)

Mireille & Manny (SF)

Originally from Mexico City, Manny & Mireille have been dancing, teaching, performing, cumbia,  mexican style , since they were kids. With a background in different formal dances, like ballet , tap , jazz, gymnastics, folklorico, they have combined their techniques, with the flavor to create fun and interesting classes and performances.

Mireille Ruiz has been dancing since she was 5 years old , with a  background in, ballet , tapp , jazz, gymnastics, Folklorico, latin percussions. she has performed, taught  and competed in the most important salsa and bachata festivals (SF, RENO, LA) and congresses around USA. since 2006.

Along with her different dance partners she has created her own fun, creative, unique, playful routines and teaching style . she has run several bachata teams in San Francisco like Bachata Y Mas 2010 along  with Corey Ryanor, and Bay Area Bachateros 2011along with Bryon Stroud. Mireille Ruiz and Corey Raynor won the USA salsa championships bachata division in 2010.

Nanda Castillo (Belgium)

Orlan Mat (LA)

Orlan Mat "DJ Cal Z" moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles with his mother when he was a kid. He was known in school for dancing as a drumsquad member for the girls drillteam that use him and five of his drumsquad members as dance practice partner in their yearly Disney youth dance congress. In Disney dance youth program, he attended workshops in Ballroom Dancing, Salsa, Contemporary, and HipHop all throughout middle school. He DJ with his HipHop House dance crew while a multi discipline sports athlete and later finished his education in international business. Nine years ago he moved to Europe kept dancing Salsa, shared his passion teaching LA Style Salsa and learned many different genre including all styles of Salsa on1 & on2, Neo Zouk, Bachata Sensual and Urban Kizomba from many Festival workshops in Europe with big name artists. He helped grow the Aarhus Mambo Klub in Denmark from literally having four people, today having over a hundred in attendance.
When he came back to his childhood hometown of Los Angeles in 2012, he then helped the Zouk and Kizomba community grow by DJ'ing and teaching Zouk and Kizomba while maintaining his love for different styles of Salsa and Bachata. Orlan both DJ and Instructed in many Festivals in Europe and in USA. He was the first DJ in the Zouk community throughout California catering to San Francisco and San Diego dancers and along with the LA Zouk Congress with Kizomba. He was the first DJ who maintained the after party on the deck of the Queen Mary from midnight till literally pass Sunrise till 10AM breakfast time. He DJ all three Latin Festivals in Las Vegas including the amazing AfroLatin Las Vegas Festival where he initiated it's growing Zouk room for the past four years. He also initiated Kizomba and Zouk rooms in the LA Bachata Festival, Los Angeles BKS, Grizzly Dance Festival and he recently DJ'ed in the first 2017 Aventura Dance Cruise in LA. He also performed recently at the LA Salsa Festival in Hollywood and both Summer LABF and LVSBC. Outside of California and Nevada, he DJ the USA Bachata Kizomba Festival in NJ, Grand Canyon Salsa Festival, Portugal International Symposium Festival, Summer Breeze Amsterdam and the recent 2018 Copenhagen Kizomba Festival with Zouk.
Currently, Orlan is an instructor DJ for the 2018 Salsa in Hawaii, the Cancun Salsa Bachata Festival, and the Aarhus Salsa Festival. He is known in the global Zouk community as he is a part of the International Zouk organization global organizing team. Locally today, he help organize monthly parties and teach at the Liz Lira Dance Academy in West Los Angeles where he both DJ and teach Bachata Sensual, Zouk Fusion, and Urban Kizomba and a member of 25x Latin Dance Champion's Liz Lira's Salsa Elite Dance Team.

Orlando Valle (SF)


Rodolfo Guzman (SF)

Rodolfo Guzman, a native of Mexico City – grew up listening to classic Mambo music that his father loved dancing to.
Rodolfo started taking classes from Ava in 2002, joined The Latin Symbolics in 2004, and became Ava’s dance partner in 2005.
Their first performance together was at “Festival Borincano 2005” in Puerto Rico. Together, they have taught & performed at various venues including the Reno Bachata Festival, SF Bay Area Bachata Festival, West Coast Salsa Congress, Chicago Salsa Congress, and Puerto Rico Hustle & Salsa Festival, to name just a few!
Rodolfo has a natural ability to “break it down” and explain things simply & clearly, and is known for his “no nonsense” approach to teaching.
Together with his partner Ava Apple, he is owner of Symbolic Dance & Fitness in San Francisco, Ca., and directs The Latin Symbolics, and Yamulee Project SF dance teams.

Ryan Rockstar & Evie (SF)

Yasert Ortega (SF)

Zeke Fabulosa (Chicago)